The Perfect Date

From Nintendo Comics System #7

Novelization by Webster S. Swenson

Link stood in front of the door to Zelda's chamber. He was dressed in his most formal clothes and, although he had done his best to perfect thus far, he had forgotten flowers. He paniced for a moment before noticing Zelda's flower garden. In a few quick cuts, Link picked a handful of beautiful Hylian Roses. He knocked at the door and waited for a moment. He heard her footsteps approach... the door creaked open.

"Hi!" he said nervously, noticing her lilac dress lined with gold fabric. She looks absolutely stunning in it, her orangish-brown hair flowing perfectly with her jewelry.

"Flowers!" She took them from him and inhaled upon them deeply. "How sweet!" She ran them in and put them in water, Link waiting there not quite sure what to do, and soon emerged again.

Link took the Princess's arm in his. "You sure look pretty, Zelda."

She smiled. "Thanks... you look nice, too!"

They both secretly wondered if each liked the other as much as each did, but neither voiced there thoughts.

Later, at their dinner, they were at dinner. Link was looking strangely at his food, obviously not enjoying it.

"Mmm. Isn't it delicious?" she asked.

"Isn't WHAT delicious?" he said a bit too loudly, "This isn't dinner, it's a stain on the plate."

Later still they were at an opera. Link leaned over the side, away from the stage. "Aww... Come on! They're singing in a foreign language." This was definately not the date that he had expected with Zelda!

When they finally reached the castle Zelda began to yell at Link. "I can't BELIEVE you fell ASLEEP at the OPERA!"

Link frowned. "Aww... come on! Do I get a good night kiss or what?"

Despite the failure of the first date, they decided to try it again, this time with Link choosing what they'd do. Link hoped this would be a better night that the last one.

The date began at the Heroes of Hyrule Trading Scrolls Show. Zelda frowned over the titles while Link excitedly bartered. "I'll Trade you that Erik the Longknife for my Black Baron in MINT condition! Oh! Got any more of those crystal clear scroll protectors?"

Later, they reached an 'establishment' that Link said was wonderful. Zelda was resistant, but Link reassured her. "Trust me! The food here is GREAT!"

Inside, Zelda found it even worse than she had expected. Horrible monsters outnumbered the other Hylians. Link ordered an Ambrosia Lite while Zelda puzzled over the menu, trying to decide what seemed the least repulsive.

Suddenly, a large crocodile-like creature bumped against Link, spilling his drink.

"Hey! You spilled my Abrosia Lite!" He jumped to his feet and began to brawl. "Some fun, huh?"

Later, they were inside the walls of the castle, arguing violently. "You have absolutely NO CLASS!"

"Oh yeah? Well, you wouldn't know a good time if it LANDED on your HEAD!"

Suddenly, the old mystic woman heard them. She walked up and called out to them. "Children! Children! Stop this bickering!" She turned. "I don't understand why you two even bother going out!"

Suddenly, they responded in one voice: "Because we have so much in common!"

The old woman grasped her face with her hand. "Children! I will never understand!"