Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

Link is in his chambers, practicing with the sword, while a moblin grabbing two boomerangs climbs the walls outside the tower. Reaching the window, he takes Link unawares and throws the boomerangs, but Link manages to repel them away successfully and hits the moblin, who falls off while vanishing - leaving a ring of magnetic power on the edge of the window. Link notices the small jewel. "A forcefield ring - just what I always wanted for Christmas!" he laughs, putting it in the small bag on his belt. In the Underworld, Ganon is furious. He insults the moblin in the Evil Jar and mumbles about how Link is "beginning" to be a nuisance for him. He realizes that Link does have a weak point, however; he's supposed to do anything for Zelda. It's time for a new spell that Ganon has been keeping for a special opportunity; he takes a small round plate out of his sleeve, casts an enchantment upon it, and throws the glowing disc out of the Underworld. It reaches the castle as a flying saucer, heads to Zelda's tower, enters by stealth through one window, and takes the appearance of a big mirror. Spryte, who's looking for the princess, enters Zelda's chambers and notices the mirror. Looking at her own image in the mirror, she mumbles about how much Zelda is vain. The princess enters the room holding a shirt with a burnt mark on it, questioning the faerie if she ironed that. She notices the strange mirror and wonders who put it there, surprising Spryte, who thought that Zelda had actually ordered it. At night, Zelda is brushing her hair at the mirror, when a flash invades the room. Ganon's spell works: the image of the mirror becomes an evil double of the princess, bringing a bunch of moblins with her. Link is awoken by Zelda's cry, while the moblins manage to trap her in a sheet and take her to the Underworld through the magic mirror. When Link reaches the room, only Zelda's double and some moblins remain. Link knocks the door down and hits two moblins with the sword. A third moblin is hiding behind a fallen table; he tries to hit Link with a jar, but misses him and breaks the mirror. Link heads to him and is attacked by another moblin, but successfuly defeats them with a single shot. Zelda's double acts as if she was amazed by Link's courage and suddenly kisses him. "Finally!" says Link, a little surprised because the kiss was colder than he expected. He asks "Zelda" about her new look (her clothes have darker colors than Zelda's ones) and attempts to kiss her once more, but she steps away and Link falls to ground. She sweetly puts her foot on Link's chest and says that both of them will attack Ganon right away - with the Triforce of Wisdom. They ride their horses through the forest towards an Underworld entrance. Link is carrying the Triforce (which is pretty heavy unless it's on Zelda's hands), and feels strange that Zelda doesn't want to hold it herself. They're running alongside a river, and Link notices that the reflection of Zelda's horse is running alone, 'cause Zelda has no reflection at all. She's a farcical! But he doesn't want to unmask her yet - she'll be his guide to the true Princess Zelda. In the Underworld, Ganon is in his chambers, standing in front of the true princess, who's tied to a stake. Zelda is furious, and can't believe that Link could do such a stupid thing like bringing the Triforce of Wisdom with him, until Ganon shows the image of Link coming to the Underworld in his magical crystal ball. He then decides to summon some monsters for taking Link in, and goes away. Profiting by the opportunity, Zelda manages to reach a boomerang in her belt bag and cuts the ropes which tie her wrists. Free, she runs away without being noticed. Zelda's double and Link are going upwards through the stairs of the Underworld. Link stops the walk, tired of carrying the heavy Triforce, and complains; Zelda faces him, weary, and kisses him again. Invigorated, Link resumes the walk, and they reach the top of the stairs. Suddenly, a bunch of monsters appear from both sides, composed of stalfos with maces and moblins with boomerangs; Link drops the Triforce and draws his sword, ready for the fight. Link defeats two of the charging stalfos, receiving a bomb. He barely has time to hurl it before a boomerang thrown by one of the moblins grazes his head; the second moblin stupidly flees from the boomerang, which flies back and hits him, while the bomb explodes near the moblins and blows them up. Link is thrown against the stalfos, as well as the Triforce, which reaches the ground with enough magical force to destroy two of them. Link manages to defeat the remaining stalfos and, after succeeding, receives another kiss from Zelda's double. Just in time, the true princess Zelda comes across them, and the farce is unmasked. The double snatches the Triforce and runs away, while Link, puzzled, tries to explain the situation for Zelda, who doesn't pay attention to him and starts the pursuit. During the pursuit, a bunch of Octorocks attack Link and Zelda from a tower nearby; Link embraces Zelda and suddenly jumps from the platform, using the ring of magnetic power to land safely, which hits all the Octorocks with sword shots. Zelda doesn't like the trick, though; she criticizes Link's act and restarts the pursuit. Link is bewildered and apologizes, while throwing his hat to the ground. Zelda catches her double, and both of them fall into an underground quagmire with the Triforce of Wisdom. Link reaches the quagmire, but isn't able to recognize any of them, 'cause their clothes now have the same look. He decides that the only way of knowing who's who is by kissing both of them, so he proclaims a Kissing Contest! The first Zelda kisses Link, and he feels amazed. However, when he requests the kiss from the second Zelda, she refuses and slaps him in the face, making Link drop his sword. Link recognizes her as the true princess, and, as Zelda's double steps away, the true princess Zelda grabs Link's sword and defeats her. She then gives the sword back to Link, saying that they must get out of there before Ganon appears. Ganon suddenly appears, of course; Link shoots at him, while Zelda recovers the Triforce from the quagmire. Ganon avoids the shot, which reaches the top of the underworld room, opening a crack in the ceiling. Zelda uses the power of the Triforce to raise her to the crack along with Link, escaping from Ganon, who's hit by the boulders which fall from the ceiling and dives into the quagmire. When he surfaces, furious, Link and Zelda are already gone. Link follows Zelda through the road to the castle, without saying a word. He then decides to tell her she should use dark clothes from time to time; she suddenly faces him, growling, turns away, and runs towards the castle, while Link apologizes and follows her.