Fairies In The Spring

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

Zelda, Link, and her father are commenting on the heat, and Spryte's on vacation. The king talks about the wonderful waterpark he's building for his people. The park is almost done, and they prepare to fill it with water from a convenient underground spring. However, water monsters suddenly burst through the bricks, dousing and terrifying the workers. The soggy foreman reports to the king, and Zelda and Link go to investigate. After Zelda berates Link for stomping a daisy, they're attacked by a water monster, which explodes upon being zapped. Confused, for the monster was not one of Ganon's creatures, they climb into the empty water slide to investigate. A wave of water knocks them into a pool, where they're attacked by a snakey thing and two giant crabs. Thoroughly soaked, they find the king watching them. He's promptly grabbed by a tentacle and dragged into the pool, but, by the time Link jumps back in, both the tentacle and the king have vanished. Link and Zelda consult the Triforce and go off to find the source of the underground spring. Zelda conjures up little helmets to allow them to breathe under the water. They open the drain, and a big fish grabs the Triforce. Zelda, still holding the chain, is dragged along. She turns the water ahead into ice, stopping the fish, and Link zaps it. Link asks for a kiss, and Zelda agrees - but, unfortunately for Link, there are two helmets between them. They surface in a pond near a forest and are attacked by more water monsters. While Link zaps them, Zelda notices bolts of magic coming from a nearby tree. She grabs the source of the bolts, and it turns out to be a fairy - Spryte's sister! Apparently the fairy spring was the source of the water for the park, and the king, Oberon, was trying to defend it. Zelda's father, Oberon's guest, explains that they'll only need enough water to fill the park and the fairy spring would not be in danger. The water park is finished, with all the humans and fairies enjoying it. Link tries to get a kiss from Zelda, but they're interrupted by a splash from Spryte, just back from her vacation.