Sing For The Unicorn

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

After dinner, Link and Zelda's father take a walk on the castle ramparts. Link is still unused to the comforts of the castle, although upon watching Zelda reclining in her room he comments that he's doing his best to adapt. The king catches Link holding a rope, preparing to swing daringly into Zelda's room. Her father advises him to bring flowers along, and his reassuring pat on the back sends Link flying. Despite his clumsy landing, Zelda's delighted and offers a kiss to the groaning Link. Naturally, Ganon picks that moment to kidnap the king, leaving Zelda screaming in panic and Link mumbling "This always happens". Link's daring rescue attempt leaves him dangling from the tail of Ganon's flying unicorn far above the castle. Ganon zaps Link's hand, and Link is saved from certain death by the timely arrival of Zelda and a cart full of hay. Zelda's furious that Link let Ganon get away and wonders where Ganon had obtained the beautiful flying unicorn. Ganon locks the king in a pit, where the floor is slowly melting away. If Zelda does not turn the Triforce over to him within an hour, the king will fall to a firey death! Link and Zelda will do no such thing, of course, and enter the underworld to rescue the king. Link belatedly warns Zelda not to touch any of the giant statues they pass, and they end up animating three of them. Zelda zaps one and is grabbed by another. Link calmly zaps the other two, twirls and sheaths his sword, and catches the falling princess. Grateful, she offers him a kiss - but a trapdoor opens beneath them before she can do so. (Link: "This always happens!!") They land in another room full of skeletons. Zelda's lost her bow, and Link is overcome. But a strange green-garbed ninja-like figure zaps the rest of the skeletons, then attacks Link. They realize the stranger's a person, and Zelda grabs it. Link removes the mask to reveal a young woman with Asian features. At this point, the hour is almost up, and Ganon's getting impatient. Although the girl doesn't speak their language, Zelda determines somehow that her name is Sing and she's seeking her flying unicorn. They decide to join forces. In a battle with some centaurs, Link obtains a magic whistle. Sing sees her unicorn being held by some moblins and zaps them. A statue comes toward them, bearing a bomb, which ends up blowing a hole in the ground. Zelda sees her father trapped in the pit beneath, with only a few inches of floor-space left. She calls to Link to help her save her father, but Ganon blocks his way. Zelda sends Ganon back to his Evil Jar with a boomerang, but it's too late! The floor is gone, and the king falls! Then Sing emerges from the pit, riding the unicorn and carrying the king. Link uses the whistle to summon a tornado to get them home. Link asks for a kiss, but this time Zelda's just too dizzy!